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Manage a team of soccer stars


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Fantasy Manager Football 2015 is a sports management game where you can create your own soccer team, or choose one from more than 50 official clubs like Real Madrid, Valencia, Manchester City, FC Schalke 04, or Oporto.

When starting a game in Fantasy Manager Football 2015, you'll get a series of random players from different clubs. For example, you can start your game with forwards from Arsenal and Besiktas, defenders from Zenit, and a goalkeeper from Roma.

One of the most important elements in Fantasy Manager Football 2015 is your players' changing score. Their level will depend on their current performance, such that if Callejón is playing well at Napoli, it will be reflected on your team (if you have him on the roster).

As usual in soccer management games, in Fantasy Manager Football 2015 you'll be able to edit your team's lineup, schedule training sessions, do signings, pick your substitutes, etc.

The matches in Fantasy Manager Football 2015 develop in a very simple way: the teams' scores are compared, and a resulting goal difference is set based on that info. Simple as that.

Fantasy Manager Football 2015 is a sports management game that's simple but fun, with lots of official licenses and a well-designed and accessible interface. One downside is that you need a permanent Internet connection in order to play.
By Jessica

Requires Android 3.2 or higher